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Hi friends we are talking about movie a quiet place American horror movie directed by John krasinski story by Bryan woods, scoot Beck production companies are platinum dunes Sunday night productions distributed by paramount pictures running time 90 minutes original language American English budget 21 million release date 9 March 2018 box office 340.9 million dollar

Jhon Krasinski and stars him and Emily blunt and some terrific young actor who play a family trapped in a world that's been over and by monster they are easily susceptible to sound with the slightest nose drawing demon we spent 95 mens watching this family struggle stay completely e silent this is a shredding nerve thriller tens opening

scenes to the very end Krasinski prove himself to be a more when he reveals things to the Odeon versus when he will them to the character really affect the suspense level the scenes with the creature are really about the creature they are about the character this is not just a monster movie it's a movie about people and there happens to be a monster lurking around all of the best one it focus on the characters and it's about

A quiet place 1

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