Athiran Malayalam

Athiran Malayalam Hey user there is a new movie for you guys.A horrific tragedy strikes a royal family, in which one of its many heirs is imprisoned in a complicated mental asylum until a younger doctor comes to free her.For all those who cherish breathtaking psycho - thrillers, this is an almost ideal choice. Top notch visuals and music are major highlights of the Fahadh - starrer. It has an uncanny beginning set in a clich├ęd "tharavaadu".

Soon the scene suddenly shifts to a deep forest area where our hero travels to an estranged so called mental asylum. The scene of movie Athiran Malayalam continues for some 15 minutes or so, and suddenly some strange characters appear.

The setting provides plenty of thrills. Some clarifications are made only after some time, when the proceedings suddenly enter the family oriented flashback of our autistic (yet martial arts expert) heroine.

Talking of the performances, Fahadh continues to amaze us with the range of characters he is able to amazingly handle with ease. His dedicated act saves the otherwise just above average movie, from becoming an arduous affair. His character is a combination of his roles from his two previous movies, Kumbalangi Nights and Varathan.

Heroine Sai Pallavi gives a strong and clap worthy performance, as the autistic woman who is a martial arts expert. Her acting is so matured and controlled. The performance from the lead pair is a major boosting factor which covers up many of the loopholes in the screenplay. Veteran Prakash Raj has an interesting cameo in the climax, which poses no challenge to the actor in him.

Atul Kulkarni's character was unintentionally funny, yet the way he portrayed it is saving. A host of actors including Nandu, Lena, Surabhi, Vijay Menon, Sudev Nair, Shanthi Krishna, Renji Panicker, Balachandran, Leona amongst others play there parts quite well. A mediocre script is executed quite well through the interesting locations, stupendous performances, and slick editing. The songs were just average.

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