Money Heist Season 5

Money Heist Season 5 Hey guys there is a new season for you.It was the greatest piece of Television the world has ever seen. The plot was filled with unexpected twists, the pacing was great, and the characters were dynamic as always.It is a well known fact that half the season was shot on Mars, while the other half was shot on the Sun. It didn't quite seem possible at first, but you know what they say There was good chance for the producers of the show to end it in Season 4 itself. With Raquel escaping it would at most required one more episode to end the series,

wherein all could have escaped with the Gold.And one can easily gauge they are now just extending the series to encash on its popularity however that put more pressure on series producers and directors to come up with a series better than earlier one. And that would surely take time.Due to the nature of the show’s production, viewers have now seen two separate heists, each spanning across two seasons for a total of four parts. While the first heist more or less went to plan, the same can’t be said for how we left things inside the Bank of Spain at the end of season 4.

Nairobi’s (Alba Flores) execution was a major riff in the closing episodes, shattering the core team and exacerbating the chaos inside the bank even further. Then came the extraction of Raquel from the authorities which saw her dramatically re-enter the bank, while the Professor was simultaneously discovered by rogue police officer Alicia Sierra.the upcoming Money Heist season 5 will share the same format, perhaps focusing on a new heist altogether, maybe even internationally.Viewers also probably didn’t notice the unexpected easter egg waiting for them just seconds after the credits rolled on season 4 – a unique rendition of ‘Bella Ciao’ by Money Heist actress herself,

Najwa Nimri (who plays the aforementioned police officer that outed the Professor in the final scene).

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Money Heist Season 5

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