hi guys there is a new movie for you guys. Movie is a rocketry exercise what happened happened in this country video small step for man one China. A few years ago India Mars mission in this sense the rocket to Mars and refractive error movie about that outstanding is that I'm not exactly sure how India is the cheapest most before this a hundred hundred hundred million over a hundred million dollar spent on on sending out tomorrow sending a rocket to Mars by India in less than a hundred million which was a great achievement and I can't go into details below I am also not in electric money comes to space technology and how they do things in space but I want nautical long time ago and that's what's I know you want to find out how India is set rocket so cheap to tomorrow today's video is movie official teaser it has a r Madhavan Madhavan has done an amazing is been in the South Indian movies in the Northern movies and today's movie is the name of the movie is rocketry the nambi effect official teaser and its own tricolour films India YouTube channel so has recommended by you so let's take this video and see what you thought about this and what you have to want me to see in this video is not expecting.

India 74 million ameen ameen it started with a rocket launching in the year and give a description of the side that America's 2671 million dollars in 71 million dollars in India 74 million dollars and just a single item probably the other countries when they were doing and the money was built in 1972 how much cost them when India won the temperatures and great achievement is a great great achievement just for them to have this story and what happened to him in 50 days and what happened because he was in 15 days I don't know what that is something about that.

How to downloadR Madhavan's 'Rocketry: The Nambi Effect' trailer to release on THIS date

if you want to watch this movie you have to go official website there is no downloading process available anywhere if you want to watch this movie for free so you have to wait until it’s get launch officer on your TV network . And please don’t download all watch this movie for any website or application available on the internet because this may lead a loss to the main cause of this movie