Raja Rajasthan

Raja Rajasthan hey user swelcome to website there is a new movie for you guys. raja Rajasthan Tamil film Raja the Great released in 2017 Anil Ravipudi featured in Hotstar Cast Ravi Teja Mehreen Peerzada Prakash Raj The film's IMDb rating 6.5 out of 10 Excellent film is seen as a father to a job's daughter and he thinks about something and Lucky's uncle does not like Lucky and his father,Raja Rajasthan

Raja Rajasthan and there is a very sweet relationship between his father, the other and Devraj is a powerful goon than even the police cannot do anything in front of him. friend has told Prakash, he has been transferred and the vehicle you kidnaps four boys from Devraj, the son of Devraj, while lying on the charge, Prakash leaves one of the boys and goes to Devraj, talking to the vehicle in front of a shop.

Goes is Prakash's daughter, then tells his father and does his taxes, and the hacker gives Devra's hand over the death of his brother, who kidnaps the police along with the girl.

The daughter does not come small and Devraj Prakash kills all the policemen at the time.

Devraj wants Lucky to die too. he had told his father there, Prakash gives his daughter away before Marne Lucky's uncle refuses to take his responsibility, I use my friend Prasad's vehicle and send it to Darjeeling AB Police Department lucky and A team of security is formed for the king.

A person who is trained by Anantha Lakshmi in his constable can use his development ta to his advantage. Ananda Lakshmi wishes his son to be a police officer. When the king was young, he had an accident, SP Prakash was not given the money for treatment, so there is a story to save the lucky and include his son in the Vishwaraj commission organized for his son, which is to save the girl from Devra.

He agrees but in bad he agrees but only to cook the second officer's food, he goes to Darjeeling with Raja, his friend Ji and other 3 Logan to take them to those missions and meet from there and grow up and He does the same Dasari and Devraj keeps on smearing Charon and Lucky in their garages. is only one person from the police who keeps on doing those tricks and has met Raja Prasad, who supported Lucky.

directed by - Anil ravipudi

produced by - Dil Raju

written by - Anil ravipudi

starring - Ravi Teja , mahreen pirzada , Raadhika

music by - sai karthik

cinematography - mohana Krishna

edited by - Tammi Raju

running time -150 mins

country - India

language - Telugu

box office- 52 crore

Raja rajasthan

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