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Hey there is a new movie for you guys.Manoj Bajpayee returns as Srikant Tiwari, who is struggling to assimilate into a life of corporate drudgery. Saving the world, as his buddy JK tells him in an early scene, is no longer his job. But when his marriage starts to split at the seams, 

Srikant gravitates towards the only safety blanket in his emotional closet — his old gig as a covert operative at a clandestine government agency.In season two, creators Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK continue their commendable crusade of viewing conflicts both global and domestic through a humanist lens. At the centre of this experiment is Raji —

 an indoctrinated rebel soldier tasked with carrying out the assassination. Who knew that it would take a shot of Samantha Akkineni to reinvigorate interest The Family Man's long-delayed second season, but there you have it. the characters in this show aren’t motivated by requirements of the plot, but personal goals instead. In that regard, Raji is a textbook ‘villain’.

 Brainwashed as she might be, she is driven mainly by a desire to right the wrongs of her past -- it's a misplaced sense of righteousness, but as they say, the best villains are heroes in their own mind.She might have gone rustic and sported darker make-up in her Telugu film Rangasthalam, 

but she was still required to look glamorous in it. This series is her test, to make us believe she can play a rebel named Raji, from Sri Lanka, fighting for an independent State. From then on, the officer and we look at Raji for what she portrays and embodies,

 looking beyond the star portraying her. One of the successes of this series lies in constructing a strong nemesis for Srikant Tiwari.Their leader is called Bhaskaran (Mime Gopi), like LTTE’s Prabhakaran.

 The story also touches upon the fact that the rebels have local sympathisers, which makes the job tougher for investigation officers. The turbulence between Srikant and his wife Suchi (Priyamani) spills over from Season 1, but the counselling and introspection portions get boring after a point. The story also looks at the emotional toll that a marital discord can cause among children of the household, especially in an adolescent.  

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