Sojiga Kannada

Sojiga Kannada hi guys there is a new movie for you.its a Tamil movie and this is lost of thriller film watch and download.its date has been extended. In this Film All the work of Rajneeti will be known and our hero will become an honest political leaderWhat problem does he face and how does she fix itHero faces a lot of trouble, he helps the poor, yet now he is a good political leader.

If so, we regret in badsakee haiI is seen in the trailer at the end that his girlfriend tells him something. Friends, as you are watching the film in barefoot, then according to you, how much is going to happen for you and as far as I know the film or it is a very good film, in the film and I have till the movie Let’s know in the bare that it has not come in any Hindi and not in English.

only Khali has come in Telugu language and this film will also probably come in Telugu language only. Cast & crew - Dinesh kampli , Akhilla prakash, vikranth Hegde , The film ends up being an excruciating test of patience and endurance for the viewer.only to land in more trouble as he falls for a woman who understands him but spells danger.

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Sojiga Kannada if you want to watch this movie you have to go official website there is no downloading process available anywhere if you want to watch this movie for free so you have to wait until it’s get launch officer on your TV network . And please don’t download all watch this movie for any website or application available on the internet because this may lead a loss to the main cause of this movie