Stranger things season 4

Stranger things season 4 Hey there is a new season for you guys .The latest news comes by way of Netflix Geeked Week Day 3 (Wednesday, June 9), which revealed some new cast members - including one who will catch the eye of one of Stranger Things' main stars. You'll have to read on for more on this though.A word of warning, too: we're entering spoiler territory for the first three seasons of Stranger Things from this point on. If you're someone who isn't caught up on every season, it's time to leave this page.

For the rest of you, let's press on and see what's new about Stranger Things season 4.However, fans have been told next to expect it to air until 2022. That's according to Finn Wolfhard, who portrays Mike Wheeler, in Stranger Things. The actor recently conducted a chat via online meet-and-greet platform Fanmio, and he was asked about when season 4 may arrive. In somewhat disappointing news, Wolfhard confirmed that fans shouldn't expect to see season 4 arrive until next year.A week after Wolfhard's comments, Noah Schnapp also teased when season 4 may arrive.

Like his fellow cast member, Schnapp was asked about its possible release date during a Fanmio chat, and he suggested that it could be out sooner than we think.Yep, as the season 4 teaser above revealed, Detective Jim Hopper survived the events of season 3's finale. His fate was unknown after he convinced Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder) to cause the Russians' machine - which opened a gate to the Upside Down - to self-destruct, despite Hopper being trapped inside.

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Stranger things season 4

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