hi users there is a new season for you guys.It’s no fun to see Iris be the nagging big sister, either. Even if she’s ultimately in the right, the problem with Iris last year was how often she was the contrarian to otherH

characters we like more, and we don’t want to go back there.who was dumped into some liquid tar at the same time of the Particle Acceleration explosion.Does this mean he is feeling guilty for what he is doing and it is being expressed as mis-directed anger? It turns out the device works perfectly and Harry collects a sample of the Speedforce from Barry when he is fighting Tarpit.Harry sort of apologises to Barry later on and says that he reminds him of his daughter.He then goes on to say that he will never be part of the team and will always be a father first. He will betray Team Flash at some point when he makes the choice between his daughter and Barry. Barry isn’t phased by this and just says that he has more faith in Harry than he does himself.which is more or less what he says when he tells Barry that, given the choice, Jessie would always come first, but things are rarely that simple in this universe. he feels that need from Barry. He might try to reject it during their research session, but his honesty later exposes how he really feels about it. This episode was a vital cog in the machine to induct Wells into the group to the point where Barry would put himself on the line for him and his daughter. And while he was willing to betray the Flash to save his daughter, ultimately he was willing to sacrifice that gamble, and possibly his own daughter’s life, to do the right thing.This time around, most of the conflict stemmed from telling the truth, or confronting someone about their problems. I like this kind of conflict for a change. Too bad Patty’s gone though.

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