The Nut Job 3

The Nut Job 3 hey users there is a new movie for you guys.Directed byPeter LepeniotisProduced byGraham MoloyWoo-Kyung JungScreenplay byPeter LepeniotisLorne CameronStory byPeter LepeniotisDaniel WooBased onSurly Squirrelby Peter LepeniotisStarringWill ArnettBrendan FraserLiam NeesonKatherine HeiglStephen LangMaya RudolphJeff DunhamGabriel IglesiasSarah GadonMusic byPaul IntsonEdited byPaul HunterProductioncompaniesEndgame Entertainment [1]Red Rover International[1]ToonBox Entertainment[1]Gulfstream Pictures[1]Distributed byOpen Road Films[2]Release dateJanuary 11, 2014 (Los Angeles)January 17, 2014 (US & Canada)January 29, 2014 (South Korea)Running time86 minutes[3][4]CountriesCanadaSouth Korea[5][6]United States[7]LanguageEnglishBudget$43 million[5]Box office$120.9 million[2]

Therefore, here we go again, with purple-hued Surly and his fur-bearing posse of chipmunks, groundhogs, moles, woodchucks, beavers and mice spending their days in the quaintly generic town of Oakton City, gorging on a seemingly endless stash of shell-bearing legumes in the basement of the now-shuttered Nut Shop. Looking down upon their glutton-like existence is girl-squirrel Andie (Katherine Heigl, back again), Well, before you can say “kaboom,” the store blows up and all the nuts are toast. To feed their starving cohorts,

Surly and his mostly silent blue mouse pal Buddy attempt to snatch doughnuts away from, of course, cops and abscond with popcorn found outside a movie theater, but to no avail. Just as the critters attempt to search for sustenance in the park, bulldozers and construction workers suddenly descend upon the oasis of greenery.

Surly and the others join forces as they try to sabotage the crews destroying the property. But the mayor hires an animal control company to keep them at bay and his evil plot to make money while endangering lives by installing faulty rides continues apace. Will our heroes, such as they are, fight back? And will one of them accidentally fall into a coma and inspire a supposedly touching flashback about the value of friendship? And will that moldy oldie “Born to be Wild” become the go-to tune for each round of loud and violent mayhem? Yes, yes and yes.

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The Nut Job 3

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