Upcoming Web Series -

Hi, friends in this article we are just talking about top 10 upcoming web series which will be coming in the month of June 2021 in India and will be debating globally in all the OTP platforms available in the market so if you guys are excited so please read this article kill the very and to get all the expected details and information about this.

Top 10 upcoming web series -

  • loki (season 1)
  • Lupin (season 2)
  • The naked director (season 2)
  • Too hot to handle (season 2)
  • Elite (season 4)
  • The A list (season 1)
  • Godzilla singular point (season 1)
  • DOM (Season 1)
  • black summer (season 2)
  • sunflower (season 1)

Top 10 upcoming web series

loki (season 1) -

Loki character is based on Marvel comic also been confirmed that we are going to see this series in Hindi let me tell you that Loki series will be given to us by the MCU multi verse is going to explain the concept of that is also a good taking a lot of time so that fans will know how to introduce the concept of multiverse in MCU which will be start the Loki series releasing on 4 June 2021 only on Disney Plus hotstar.

Lupin (season 2) -

Lupin is a French mystery thriller Netflix series based on Aresne Lupin by George kay 5 episode in season 2 releasing on 11 June 2021 only on Netflix

The naked director (season 2) -

The naked director Japanese comedy drama series based on Zebra kantoku muranishi Toru by nobuhiro motohashi 8 episode in season 2 releasing on 24 June 2021 only on Netflix

Elite (season 4) -

Elite is a Spanish thriller teen drama series original language Spanish Created by Carlos montorio Netflix announce the fourthseason of Elite releasing on 18 June 2021 training on Netflix

Too hot to handle (season 2) -

Too hot to handle is a American British dating game show created by Laura Gibson Charlie Bennett releasing on 23 June 2021 only on Netflix

The A list (season 1) -

The a list is a British teen thriller series created by Dan Berlinka nina metivier the a list season 2 releasing on August streaming on Netflix

Godzilla singular point (season 1) -

Godzilla singular point is a Japanese animated series directed by Atsushi Takshashi releasing on April streaming on Netflix

DOM (Season 1) -

Dom is crime drama series based on true story in this series 8 episode 1 hour each releasing is very soon Amazon prime 4th June

black summer (season 2)

Black summer is a Canadian action fiction drama series based on z nation by Karl Schaefer jhon hyams releasing on 17 June 2021 only on Netflix

sunflower (season1)

Sunflower is a crime thriller comedy web series writer by Vikas Bahl and directed by Vikas Bahl Rahul Sengupta starring Sunil Grover producer Reliance entertainment releasing on 11 June 2021 only on Zee 5 original